Inventing on Principle

Bret Victor, 2012

Make it transparent

We need less black boxes.

We need less abstractions.

We need less lag in the feedback loop.

We need less archaic traditions and confusing analogies.

What's going on with teaching, art, and hacking

why the lucky stiff, 2009

Make it accessible

We need sandboxes that allow for safe exploration, experimentation, and expression.

We need sandboxes that allow for easy sharing and collaboration.

We need sandboxes that are not bogged down in configuration.

Teaching T-Rex, Utahraptor, and Dromiceiomimus to Program

Dinosaur Comics - March 5th, 2008

Um, APPARENTLY, programming is for folks who are thrilled when a computer reminds them they're missing a bracket or semicolon? It must be, because they make that happen SO OFTEN.
I just thought it was a skill I could pick up easily. I don't need to know everything! I don't need to know the difference between friggin' binary and B+ search trees! ALL I WANT TO KNOW is how to make Richard III's sucky horse do double jumps, you know?

Dinosaur Comics - June 25th, 2012

There's all these programming languages but there's not one - NOT ONE - that lets you type in "U r a horse and u can shoot bullets from the eyes. NOT A DREAM. There r bad guys 2 shoot and u can get powerups that make you shoot cannonballs from the hoofs" and then a game comes out!